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GoPlayer Half Frame Sunglasses (Silver Plated White Frame)

GoPlayer Half Frame Sunglasses (Silver Plated White Frame)


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現場看貨&更多優惠活動請洽各地區經銷點:經銷地圖(P.S. 庫存訂貨滿2000元免運費)

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High CP value, high-quality golf glasses, lightweight ≈ 5 sheets of A4 paper——windproof and sandproof, lightweight all in one
UV400 lens, effectively avoid UV damage
A anti-static full-screen coating, the real color vision is clearer
PC space film safety lens, anti-impact and not fragile
Hyperboloid hyperbolic lens technology, long-term wear without dizziness
TR90 memory polymer titanium frame material, super elastic, wear-resistant and windproof encircling frame, running without pinching the face, not falling off a variety of lenses, frame color matching, showing exclusive personality Conforms to CNS15067 Sunglasses National Standard-3 Advanced filter standard combines sports and everyday practicality


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